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Stress and Relaxation? How To Capitalise On Both

A common principle in business is that stress makes us more productive. Studies show that the right job-related stress can enhance productivity. Indeed, without a certain amount of pressure or stress, it is likely we would not perform at all or work for any achievements. However, too much stress can cause burnouts. Data has shown that around one-third of UK residents feel stressed for at least one full day in every week. Furthermore, one in three work absences is due to anxiety and stress.

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During my hypnotherapy sessions, I equip my clients with the tools they need to ensure they can respond healthily to situations of stress. From relaxation meditation, breathing techniques and NLP activities, I can help clients to strike the balance to achieve the ideal equilibrium between stress and relaxation. To find out more about how my sessions can help you with stress, call me on 0207 971 7677 to arrange your free 15-minute consultation.